Wednesday, April 29, 2015

The Ultimate Paymaster!

The logic of (financial) modern slavery : Transfer & accumulation of wealth. Let us investigate this chain from the big fish to smaller fishes, the hierarchy the housing industry. Minus my fellow engineers in the consultancy service and others.

Logik  perhambaan (kewangan)  moden: Pemindahan & pengumpulan kekayaan. Mari kita menyiasat rantaian ini dari ikan besar ke ikan yang lebih kecil, hierarki industri perumahan. Tolak rakan-rakan jurutera dalam perkhidmatan perundingan dan lain-lain perunding.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Christ after Communism?

Karl Marx; phrophecy broke doen for the second time? 1] Communism after Capitalism broke down? another 1? 2] Christ after Communism? Implications ....

Published on 7 Nov 2014 While still being an officially atheist nation, Christians in China now outnumber the country's 86 million Communist party members. Jamil Anderlini reports on the government's efforts to crackdown on religion in the city Wenzhou. 

Friday, January 9, 2015

Pengalaman Banjir: Hospital Pakar sepatut di bina di Machang?

dari FB |  4 January

Pembersihan selepas banjir Hospital Kuala Krai (HKK)

HosMac (Hospital Machang) mampu berfungsi seperti biasa sepanjang waktu banjir? Jika bekalan air & api ada!

Seminggu kebelakangan ini kenderaan penuh sesak di bandar Machang, warga bandar & desa sekeliling Machang datang ke Machang untuk makan dan dapatkan keperluan, di setesen-minyak2 beratur, di mesin2 ATM beratur panjang (yang akan makan masa untuk pulih, saya dengar - dari seorang pegawai bank kerana mesin ATM tenggelam air), supermarket2 Machang dah kekeringan roti, gandum, telur, maggi kari, sardine / mackerel jenama bagus dari awal lagi...

Setahu saya MoH ada 3 tier hospital pakar di Kelantan
 tier 1] Kota Bharu
 tier 2] Kuala Krai (lumpuh terus, dengarnya - sedang odit stok obat sekarang, kerana setor obat tenggelam air?) Lihat gambar di bawah.
tier 3] Tanah Merah
 Semuanya tidak boleh berfungsi (ke tahap sepatutnya)?

Tengok kepada keadaan, se-elok nya - secara kesimpulan logiknya, Machang, sebagai tempat selamat banjir, seharusnya ada 1 hospital pakar, siap dengan kelengkapan termasuk heli landing area yang boleh dijadikan tulang-belakang, ketika musibah seperti ini berlaku, kan?

Hospital Kuala Krai (HKK)

Hospital Machang (Hosmac)

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

10 Things Germans Do Better Than Americans

Published on 31 Dec 2014
Here are 10 things Germans do better than Americans.

Germany and the US are both pretty cool countries, but that doesn’t mean they’re the same across the board.

Here are 10 things Germans do better than Americans.

Number 10. Engineering. Much of it comes down to training. Germany’s vocational system continues to thrive and offers learning opportunities that combine practical application and theory. Among the most sought after programs is a 3-year apprenticeship with the multi-industry innovator Siemens.

Number 9. Beer Gardens. Makeshift sidewalk cafes are plentiful in the US, but actual expansive, dedicated areas where people can sit in large groups and in some cases even bring their own food are quite rare. In Germany, on the other hand, they’re a regular thing. 

Number 8. Soccer. As you may know, the 2014 World Cup title went to the German team. It’s expected that their winning streak will continue as the current team has been playing together at various levels for about 10 years, and is now well prepared for world domination.

Number 7. College Fees. The typical college graduate in Germany leaves school with no educational debt. As of October 2014, every public higher learning institution in the country is tuition-free, even for students from abroad.

Number 6. Trains. Sure, Amtrack will get you from one US locale to another, but it’s going to take a while. Thanks to high-speed rail, Germans can travel from city to city in a fraction of the time. The typical train moves at around 180 miles per hour, but express services with fewer stops are available should the regular pace not be quite quick enough. 

Number 5. Sundays. It’s a serious day of rest for just about everybody, including people who work in retail. By law, stores in most areas remain closed all day long. There are a few exceptions, but those shopping places are primarily in airports and train stations.

Number 4. Paid Vacation. Employers in Germany are required to not only give workers a minimum of 24 days off a year, they have to pay them for the time away. There are no such mandates in the US, and 25% of the American workforce doesn’t even get one. 

Number 3. Healthcare. In addition to healthcare coverage in Europe being generally more comprehensive, the prices of procedures are often significantly lower. For example, in 2007 numbers, a hip replacement performed in Germany cost roughly half of what it did in the US.

Number 2. Castles. One of the greatest things about countries that were architecturally active during medieval times are the amazing castles we see today. Often perched high on mountaintops, their presence lends a fairy-tale feel to the countryside.

Number 1. Driving. Considering many stretches of the Autobahn have no speed limit and analysis shows that fast driving results in more accidents, one would expect Germans to be involved way more fatal crashes than Americans. Yet, they’re not. In 2012 Germany had less than half the number the US did.