Thursday, January 14, 2010

The baby that stir much debate

Qur'anic verses have reportedly appeared on the body of a nine-month old boy named Ali from the Russian Republic of Dagestan.

Since his birth, birthmarks in the form of Arabic script have been appearing on Ali's body. First, there were individual letters but then texts began appearing, the Russian-language Vesti news channel quoted his parents as saying on Thursday.

"First, there was a hematoma on his chin. When the bruise went off, we saw the word "Allah," Ali's mother Madina Yakubova said. Surprisingly, one of the baby's legs has an inscription, "Allah is the creator of all entities."

The TV channel reported that Ali was first diagnosed with "ischemic heart disease of the second degree" and "infantile cerebral paralysis" in the maternity clinic. However, after the inexplicable events began happening, he was examined again and found healthy.

The incident has been drawing hundreds of Dagestani Muslims to Ali's home everyday, prompting local authorities to guard the house round-the-clock Thousands have made the pilgrimage to Kizlyar in Russias Dagestan to view the islamic miracle. 

The region has been racked with violence from islamist in recent months. Local leaders have struggled to contain the violence perpetrated by islamic radicals against local authorities. There have been suicide bombings and armed attacks on police and politicians in Dagestan, Ingushetia and Chechnya. 

Locals view the fact that Yakubovs father, Ali Shamil, 27-years-old, is a police officer as proof that there has been divine intervention since law enforcement officers have been a favorite target of the terrorists.

In the midst of the armed struggle for control of the Caucasus region of Russia is Ali Yakubov. His home has become a shrine as over 2,000 people who arrive daily to get a glimpse of the rare islamic miracle. Local authorities wont verify the claim that Koranic verses appear on the babys leg. 

However, they do say that the belief is one of desperation. This baby has given them something to hold on to while they are living in the grip of terrorism.