Friday, March 12, 2010

Judgment Day for Dato’ Ramli Yusuff (Former CCID)

March 11, 2010 | – Din Merican
March 12 is Dato Ramli Yusuff’s Judgment Day

Tomorrow, March 12, in Sessions Court No.1 on the 4thFloor of the Jalan Duta Courts Complex, Kuala Lumpur will be judgment day for Dato’ Ramli Yusuff. Judge Gunalan will decide whether Dato’ Ramli will be acquitted without his defence being called.

Let us recall what happened. In 2006, Musa Hassan became IGP. At that time, the loan shark syndicate, theAlong, was a menace that had gripped the whole country. The government was worried. A task force was formed. The Director of Commercial Crimes Investigations Dept (CCID), Dato’ Ramli Yusuff wasappointed to be the joint Chairman of that Task Force.The Deputy Minister of Home Security, Dato’ Johari Baharom received information that the Along syndicate involved VIPs. Dato’ Johari directed Dato’ Ramli toinvestigate the matter and report directly to him.

At the same time, the CCID intelligence by several ground operatives made a startling discovery – it seems the crime syndicate controls the Police hierarchy. No less than IGP Musa Hassan was implicated. The intelligence report went up to the Director CCID. Dato’ Ramli reported this to Dato’ Johari Baharom. Suddenly, a mysterious blog appeared to accuse Dato’ Johari of being corrupted. It was a single posting blog and it disappeared after that.

Several statutory declarations appeared in RPK’s Malaysia Today including one by the Aide d’ Camp (ADC) of IGP Musa Hassan accusing IGP Musa Hassan of being in cahoots with the warlord BK Tan and his underworld operatives Goh Cheng Poh @ Tengku Goh. The ADC’s SD also revealed that former CID Director Dato’Christopher Wan conspired with IGP Musa Hassan to set up this blog. The objective was simple- attack Dato’ Johari to discredit the CCID investigation. That worked.

A deal was cut with the involvement of the MACC – Dato’ Johari was cleared, IGP Musa was also cleared. They will not attack each other anymore publicly. It doesnot matter that that the crime index during Musa Hassan’s tenure as IGP soared to an all time high. But someone must be made the scapegoat.

The CCID operatives – 6 rank and file officers were charged for fabricating evidenceagainst the IGP Musa Hassan. Does it make sense that 6 lowly ranked officers would try to dethrone the IGP? No, that was just a message. And the message is this – you will be destroyed if you go against those in the corridors of power. You will face the might of the Unholy Trinity – The A-G, The IGP and The MACC. This Unholy Trinity has been the apparatus of oppression in all the recent politicalmaneuverings in Perak, Selangor, Penang and Kedah.

Back to Dato’ Ramli’s case, he was scandalized by the MACC and the mainstream media as being a corrupted cop- the RM 27 million Cop. That was enough to destroy a public servant. They fabricated a case against him by using an EO detainee, one shadowy figure known as Moo Sai Chin.

Dato’ Ramli engaged lawyer Rosli Dahlan. Rosli set up a team of accountants and did a full audit of Dato’ Ramli’s assets. Rosli showed that Dato’ Ramli had filed no less than 35 assets declarations in his 32 years of service. Rosli also piled on theMACC several boxes of documents to show that all of Dato’ Ramli’s assets are legitimate. A-G Gani was furious, so they decided to fix Lawyer Rosli Dahlan and teach him a lesson that he will never forget.

A-G Gani and IGP Musa Hassan were also angry that Rosli had acted for the CCID in preparing the affidavits for the CCID after the A-G’s Chambers refused to act for the CCID in the habeas corpus application by Goh Cheng Poh @ Tengku Goh. At about that time, Rosli was also acting for the national airlines, MAS, which had been raped to the bones by its Chairman. Rosli was oblivious that he was making all these enemies.

So on the 27th day of Ramadan, just two days before Hari Raya of 2007, the MACC stormed Rosli’s office, assaulted him and dragged him to their dungeon cell and kept him there to suffer. They charged Rosli the next day and splashed that story in all the major newspapers.

In defence of his friend and counsel, Dato’ Ramli gave a press statement of the syndicate’s activities and the conspiracy to eliminate him and of the persecution against Lawyer Rosli Dahlan. Dato’ Ramli was charged on 2nd November 2007.There was no RM 27 million!

In his defence, Dato’ Ramli cried Conspiracy! The MACC DPP Dzulqarnain said that conspiracy is irrelevant because Dato’ Ramli was not charged for corruption! So, this is not a corruption case after all! In the end, Dato’ Ramli was charged forwillfully failing to declare some small change. But, A-G Gani did not charge Khir Toyo for building a RM 24 million palace. A-G Gani did not charge MohamedHassan, MB of Negri Sembilan for sending out RM 10 million through a money changer.

To further confuse the public, A-G Gani Patail also charged Dato’ Ramli for using a Police Cessna as if he went on a joy ride while in uniform, as if Dato’ Ramli was a school truant. In the end, Musa Hassan was revealed as the Chief Conspiratorwhose evidence as the 75th prosecution witness was not to be relied on. Judge Supang Lian dismissed that case without bothering to call for Dato’ Ramli’s defence. It was clear in her mind this was a fix –up. In other words, Musa Hassan is a liar just as A-G Gani is a liar.

A-G Gani went on record that the investigation against Dato’ Ramli has been completed. This is now shown to be a lie in the trial of Dato’ Ramli. Out of 35Prosecution Witnesses who testified, 28 stated that their statement was recorded in 2008. The A-G had also been accused of lying in Anwar Ibrahim’s case. There are just too many accusations against this A-G for him to have any credibility.

Yet, he is the all powerful A-G. It is he and he alone who decides who gets chargeand who don’t. So, in the case of the Al-Islam reporters who desecrated a Holy Communion rites, he decided they were innocent and should not be charged . In theAltantuya murder, he decided there should be no appeal against Razak Baginda.

In Shakespeare, Julius Caesar was warned to Beware the Ides of March! That wasthe date that Julius Caesar was killed in 44 B.C. Although the Ides of March is the 15th of the month, yet Dato’ Ramli’s judgement day, 12th of March is close enoughto the date that Julius Caesar was assassinated by his friend Brutus. My heart would bleed for Dato’ Ramli if justice is assassinated by the courts tomorrow