Sunday, March 14, 2010

PIBG & UMNO - Kelantan's Phenomena?

Yesterday 13 Mar 2010 Sek Keb Hamzah 2 had its PIBG 14th AGM

The man invited to grace and officiate the occasion was Ybrs. Tn.Hj.Abd. Halim bin Hj. Ismail, Timbalan Pengerusi Majlis Pembangunan Pertanian Parliament Machang. It  was not explained what does "Pembangunan Pertanian" has to do with the occasion or PIBG or the School.

Ku Li tweets recently , "Umno Kelantan so short of platforms now we have to spread
disinformation in schools? What next? Kindergartens?"  on Feb 17

That was on the Oil Royalty for Kelantan issue. Well, here we may not be talking about "disinformations" but more of the "so short of platforms". Is UMNO Machang so desperate that it has to revert to this unwarranted actions?  

One might understand, by the level of desperation -  if  one knew  that  BN lost only by two votes in the 2004 GE in this constituency. Though BN subsequently, won a by-election in one of the DUN's, presently under the independent YB Brahim Ali - as MP, but that was not good enough to take over the State because of the two votes.

Basically PAS held on to Kelantan by only that two votes -those days. But this is not about GE or Political parties it is about PIBG. However I have been observing this phenomenon for the past five years in Kelantan. This  too is not about UMNO, PAS, PKR or politics but it is about PIBG!

Let us look at the DG Education's  directive.

D-G: Only ministry officers allowed at school functions

JOHOR BARU: Only officers from the Education Ministry are allowed to officiate at school functions to prevent such functions from being politicised.

Ministry director-general Datuk Alimuddin Mohd Dom said that that the ministry would be sending out circulars to all schools next week as a reminder, but stressed that it was not a new ruling.

According to him, those who were allowed to officiate school events included the Education Minister, the deputy minister, the director-general, and state level Education Department directors and their representatives. < Star  Sunday March 30, 2008 > 

The directives further states that:

 “The school principals have to write to their respective Education Departments if they want to invite anyone outside and obtain permission from the state director.” 

I do not know whether the School Head Master had a written permission from the Kelantan's Education Department. That matter was not discussed at all in the AGM.  Anyway our PIBG should know that better for the  "Naib Yang Dipertua", En Azmi bin Daud is the number three man in the local PPD. 

If it is worth mentioning here, it could  have been better camouflaged if the "Timbalan Pengerusi Majlis Pembangunan Pertanian Parliament Machang" would officiate the school agro-garden instead of PIBG.

The Problem with Majlis Pembangunan Pertanian Parliament Machang.

I do not know how many people in Machang knew about this, but the MP of Kuala Krai  had recently explained in the you tube below:

So it lacks credibility, as a representative of  the Federal Government 's Machinery.

What is PIBG.

I had googled ages ago. The stated uno-numero objective of  PIBG according to their constituion is  " Untuk pembantu pelajaran dan pembelajaran dengan kebendaan" I would translate that as  " To assist schooling and education in material terms."

That means that PIBG needs that "kebendaan" or material. We  can  also conclude that the original framers of PIBG would want PIBG to be a separate entity from any political parties or government bodies including the MOE, and to raise that "kebendaan" with their own (PIBG) efforts and strengths. 

But not in Kelantan, PIBGs or PIBG AJK's  - I saw so far, are 180 degrees different, they are more into apple polishing the local UMNO stalwarts for material support and/or may be more. More so, education being a Federal matter. So far that material support from UMNO for PIBG Hamzah 2, have been nominal, more so lately...if that is nominal, what other things are PIBG or the local PIBG activist are using the relationship it has with UMNO for?

Reiterate that..

" Untuk pembantu pelajaran dan pembelajaran dengan kebendaan" I would translate that as. " To assist schooling and education in material terms."

Having said that...

Any PIBG would welcome any well-wishers including from UMNO or any other NGO's incuding Brahim Ali's PERKASA. So would PIBG Hamzah 2, UMNO Machang may give to the PIBG any amount of donation, UMNO Machang wanted, if agreeable to the PIBG, UMNO may even buy a full page advertisements to show their charitable courses. That bona fide act is always welcome. This is a different kind of relationship.

I do not think anyone would be against that!