Friday, March 26, 2010

Maria Bertha Hertogh a.k.a. Nadra

monsoonpictures.com  - a movie next. | 2009

Reproduced below is a statement released by Bertha Hertogh’s family

Huijbergen, The Netherlands, July 8th 2009

Today, at the age of 72, Bertha Hertogh passed away in her place of residence Huijbergen, The Netherlands. Bertha was world news in 1950 when she was at the center of a legal conflict between her Dutch parents and her Malaysian adoption mother. After the judge had assigned her to her Dutch parents, ethnic riots broke out between Muslims and Christians in Singapore. Eighteen people were killed and some two hundred injured.

Despite the fact that Bertha built a new life in The Netherlands after her forced departure, her heart had always remained in Indonesia and Malaysia. In 1999, it was for the first time that she returned to her places of childhood for a documentary for Dutch television. According to Bertha, her childhood was the only period in her life that she was really happy. [more]

Lets waits for this movie to be released, then do view and review it:

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Nadra last words :  This recording was made by 

Monsoon Pictures in May 2009 during filming for 
a documentary on Maria Bertha Hertogh [Nadra]

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